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So you are running a business? 

ExcellentI’ve always felt it deserves more success than a job

The problem however is that if you are similar to the business owners I meet each week, you’ll be great at their industry skills but will likely have had little (if indeed any!) training in how to run a company successfully. That often means that the results being achieved are not great, or at best OK.

But… OK wasn’t the aim when you set out, was it? 


You wanted great, or at least pretty good.


You see, in the majority of cases even who have made their businesses profitable still tend to be required to a significant level in the day to day work… tied forever to the monster they have created. They have created themselves a good job which they now own. It is better than being employed in many cases, but hasn’t yet given you the freedom and wealth you hoped for.


The reason you need a coach is that having an under-performing company or a business which is too reliant upon you is unnecessarily frustrating. 


It limits your freedom, can cause masses of stress, and ultimately cannot be sold for anywhere near the value it represents. 

Too many business owners are achieving results that are not truly reflecting their skills or ability within their given sector, and in the main it is their ‘business’ skill-set which is holding them back. As a business coach I help people who are good at what they do achieve more result from less effort. I help you add the business skill-set which compliments your already established industry knowledge and expertise. 



Together we can achieve better


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Why you need a Coach

A business coach is quite different to a consultant...

 Whilst both can offer valuable advice on your business growth options, a coach also provides accountability to deliver on the plan.This is a significant difference, because the reason for your current level of performance being where it is, is not purely a matter of 'knowing' enough. Too often we know what to do, but we let other stuff get in the way.

There are many reasons why a person performs at a level below their potential, but the number 1 is what we call 'interference'. This is a summary for all of the things that act as barriers to your real achievement. They can include confidence, communication, lack of key metrics, people skills, management and leadership knowledge, lack of systems, poor time management, insufficient performance management, no clear direction or plan, and many more.

With years of successful experience that can provide valuable insight, your Business Coach will help you overcome those interferences, and develop long-term and short term goals and supporting strategies that will help you achieve better and sustainable results. They will offer objective views and challenge your thinking to ensure that your decisions and direction are robust. 

In short they will be the friend who tells you how it is, and won't let you off the hook in achieving your aims!

To up your game, and reach your real personal and business potential, get in touch today.

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Who is Tim Rylatt

So you are keen on growing your own company? 

In that case you'll no doubt want to know that you are picking the right person to give you the right advice, and most importantly you'll need to feel confident that the time, effort and results will be worth it.

I've been a coach with ActionCOACH since 2008, and during that time I've coached several hundred different company owners, managers and their teams both in 1:2:1 settings and workshops. More importantly than the number of clients however is that from 2010 to 2015, I have won the ActionCOACH award for 'Best Client Results in South East of the UK'. 

This is a performance measure which is hotly contested between coaches and their clients each year and is based upon proven significant positive growth (turnover, profit and team).

In the past year I have seen several of my clients achieve real growth both on a personal level and essentially in their companies. You can explore their experiences on the 'client video testimonials' page.

Every business is individual, and every client I have worked with has had their own ambitions, fears, challenges and successes. I hold a genuine interest in the success of every person I work with and will only work with those I believe I can help.

To find out how that will work for you, letÂ’s schedule a complimentary 90 minute business review between us to get started.

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